Our team’s expertise ranges from technical advice to legal consulting with a specific focus on aviation law. The three founders of our company have an accumulated experience of more than 60 years in the field of aviation engineering and aviation law. We provide our customers with comprehensive knowledge and a dedicated service to realize your plans for the commercial use of drones or other unmanned aerial vehicles.


Philip Bärtschi


Philip holds a law degree from the University of Zurich and practises as an aviation attorney since 2007. He has been representing clients from the aviation industry for 10 years, consulting airports, airlines and pilots. Philip is Co-Editor of the “Erlasssammlung Luftrecht”, a book published in 2007 comprising 2’000 pages of aviation legislation. He is board member and general counsel of the Swiss Aero-Club and in this capacity member of different boards such as the Swiss Aviation Safety Oversight Committee (SOC). Philip has been lecturing aviation law since more than 15 years at different flight training schools for aspiring private, commercial and airline pilots and holds a private pilots licence himself.



Marc Siegenthaler


Marc holds a law degree from the University of Berne and works as an attorney at law. He runs his own law and notary firm which is mandated in different aviation and  ground transportation fields. He is the former CEO of Classic Air as well as a member of the forming team and CEO of Odette Airways (later helvetic airways). Marc is Member of the legal department of the Swiss Transportation Safety Investigation Board (STSB). Furthermore he is an arbitrator for Aerosuisse and has been an Instructor in aviation law at SWISS and Lufthansa Aviation Training since 2005. He is member of the board of several companies acting in the aviation industry. Marc holds a private pilot license and his passion is flying oldtimer aircraft. He is member of the Commomerative Air Force (CAF) Swiss Wing and in this function he is flying the Stinson L5 war bird.



Dr. Jürg Wildi


Jürg holds a master in mechanical engineering from ETH Zurich and is a doctor in aerodynamics. In his industrial career, he started as an aerodynamic engineer in the Swiss Federal Aircraft company, was responsible for the development and entry into operation phase of the ADS95 Ranger military reconnaissance UAV.  Later he was head of the Aerodynamics Center of RUAG Aerospace and joined the division board of RUAG Aviation in the role of Head of Engineering, CTO and Vice President Technology. Since his scheduled retirement in 2016, he is a Senior Adviser in Aviation and Aeronautics. He is lecturer at ETH for aircraft and vehicle aerodynamics and flight mechanics. Jürg is the president of the Swiss Association of Aeronautical Sciences. One of his leisure passions is flying, he holds a private pilot license.


Our services will not only be provided be the Co-Founders themselves, but also by a  pool of experienced experts dealing with specific aspects of the assignment. These experts have profound knowledge of the aerospace industry.