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Drones / Unmanned Aerial Vehicles(UAV) / Remotely Piloted Aviations Systems (RPAS)

Drone- or UAV-technology is well developed these days. The regulatory environment, however, does not usually allow for flight tests or for commercial use under real world conditions, even though Switzerland is considered to be one of the most liberal countries when it comes to drone regulation (sometimes referred to as the “drone valley” or the “silicon valley of drones”).

Still, drone applications are in their infancy and will develop into a fast growing industry in the near future. v2sky closes the gap between existing drone technology and the final business application – the gap between your business idea and the authority’s approval for the envisaged operation, such as beyond-line-of-sight-ops.

v2sky is not only consulting companies intending to utilize drones for commercial use, but is also delivering structured full service solutions from your first business idea to application readiness. Our team will provide the legal and technical know-how to accommodate the rigorous requirements of today’s regulator. We will review feasibility of your business idea; we will point out the way through all the legal steps, be it aviation law, privacy law or liability law; we will guide you through the technical challenges to meet regulatory requirements; and we will eventually put together all the paperwork in order to request the authority’s approval for operation. But that is not all. Our mission is accomplished only when your team has received the necessary instruction for safe operation in the months and years to follow. Then and only then will your business idea have grown to the level of maturity needed in order to sell your quality product.


Manned Aviation / Aerodromes

Switzerland’s lack of consulting expertise in the field of risk and safety assessments for flight operatorsand aerodromes is one other major concern v2sky is addressing and hence offering new services. Our team’s longstanding experience in safety related issues within the aviation industry provides for all the necessary background to assess your operational risks or safety issues.



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Applications for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles are endless - be it for inspections of powerlines, pipelines or overhead wirings, delivery of freight or packages, agricultural purposes or reconnaissance and wildlive observation. Be the first to use drones in your industry and you will be ahead of - and above - your competitors.